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Look, we’ve all got problems. As we age our bodies stop working the way they used to, and we start to have even more problems. What can you do about it?


With DzLogic’s approach to Restorative Medicine, you will receive personalized attention and support to help your body counteract the many adverse effects of aging.

Why DzLogic?

Our team of experts, including Dr. Dzugan, provide unparalleled expertise, attention, and care which has produced amazing results for thousands of people.

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Prior to the Program I had high cholesterol…within three months of joining, my cholesterol went from 278 to 180, and I was able to completely come off the medication.

I discovered Dr. Dzugan’s Program, and within just three months, my cholesterol dropped by 25 points, I lost 11 pounds without even trying, and I had much more energy.

I have always been blessed with good overall health… I am representative of what can be achieved by anyone with the desire to improve their lives and maintain their health.

how does this work?

How Our Program Works

  • Blood Results

    We review an extensive physiologic blood panel

  • Health History

    Your extensive personal health history is evaluated

  • Program Created

    Our team, in collaboration with your DzLogic Affiliate physician create your personalized Program.

It’s very simple.

Everything about our program is designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. We utilize an in-depth health history questionnaire and blood work to get insight into what makes you unique. Our science team reviews all of this data, and with the help of your DzLogic affiliate doctor, starts you on your Program. After you begin, we ask that all of our members provide regular updates so we can continually monitor, assess, and modify your Program to make sure you are getting optimum results.

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