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If you’d made hundreds of Billions of dollars on a product, would you want its dangers exposed? Neither does Big Pharma.  But luckily, a friend of Dr. Dzugan’s – Professor Sherif Sultan, MD, PhD, Western Vascular Institute, University College Hospital Galway, Galway, Ireland – has published a paper in the BMJ Open journal (1) that exposes both the dangers of statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs) and the ways these dangers have been hidden.


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Pfizer had already made $140 Billion with Lipitor before the FDA issued its first warnings about the dangers of statins. Those warnings included memory loss, diabetes, and liver damage. How many people have been damaged, and continue to be injured, by the nearly 20 years of silence the FDA granted Big Pharma?

It would make a great plot for a science fiction thriller about how an entire population was conned into destroying their own health for the profits of industrial cartels – if it wasn’t true. The plot would go something like this: Create a great story that dietary fat is a killer, replace those fats with high-profit sugars in the food supply, wait for the resulting inflammation-based diseases to take hold of the population and then sell them massive amounts of dangerous drugs that supposedly combat the effects of that inflammation while creating a ton of secondary illnesses and diseases which become the target of even more drug sales.

Unfortunately, it is true. That’s exactly the scenario that has been perpetrated on the entire world and we are just now beginning to see the tidal wave of disease created by it. In Dr. Sultan’s study paper, he focuses on just one aspect of it – statins.  In perhaps the largest review of the published literature to date, Dr. Sultan pulled studies from PubMed, EMBASE, and Cochran review databases to sort out what the overall truth about statins really is.

In this paper’s opening paragraph, there is a statement everyone needs to hear and memorize: “There is a categorical lack of clinical evidence to support the use of statin therapy in primary prevention.”  In other words, these drugs simply don’t work for the causes they’ve been sold to us for.

So what are these drugs doing to us – while they aren’t working? To quote the study: “…we discovered that for every 10,000 people taking a statin, there were 307 extra patients with cataracts, 23 additional patients with acute kidney failure and 74 extra patients with liver dysfunction [6-8]. Furthermore, statin therapy increased muscle fatigabilty by 30% [9,10] with 11.3% incidence of rhabdomyolysis at high doses.”

For the laymen among us, “rhabdomyolysis” is muscle wasting/muscle destruction. Think about that.  Your heart, the very thing these drugs are supposed to protect, is a muscle – pure and simple.  Yet these drugs cause muscle destruction. Are you beginning to see what’s incredibly wrong with this picture?

Something else that Dr. Sultan touches on is the creation of diabetes in statin users. I’m going to refer to another paper for figures on that, and quote from my own newsletter from March 11, 2015.

“A team of six doctors from multiple universities in Scandinavia published the final results of their detailed study March 4th in the medical journal Diabetologia. Their conclusion:  “Statin treatment increased the risk of type 2 diabetes by 46%, attributable to decreases in insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion.” (2)

In Section 3 of his study paper, Dr. Sultan says what Dr. Dzugan has been saying for the last 15 years. “When prescribing HMGCoA reductase inhibitors (statins) one needs to be cognizant of the fact that the body had increased its’ cholesterol as a compensatory mechanism and investigate accordingly.”

Dr. Dzugan discovered many years ago that our cholesterol levels rise as our hormone levels drop. High cholesterol is not a ‘stand alone’ disease state. It is an indicator that our hormone levels and balance are off.  The body is simply trying to compensate for lack of hormones by creating more of what hormones are made of – cholesterol!

He also discovered that when hormone levels are optimized, cholesterol levels drop to ideal – in nearly 100% of cases. The only situation where this isn’t the case is a rare genetic defect scenario.

Hormones are the backbone of your body’s systems.  Without these “commanders”, your body cannot function; and as your hormone levels drop, so drops the level of your functionality. It’s really that simple. And that is the core philosophy of the body chemistry optimization Programs that Dzugan PhysioLogic provides.

By bringing our members’ hormone levels back to optimal, and adding in the building blocks of nutrients their bodies need to heal, we generate “Thanks for giving me my life back!” reviews over and over. Take a look for yourself at our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dzuganphysiologic

Of course, you can always put your faith in conventional medicine as controlled by Big Pharma instead. But before you do that, let me share on more quote with you.

“Statin drugs may very well become the largest criminal act ever committed upon the American public, eclipsing the Vioxx scandal that is responsible for more than 60,000 deaths. Almost all of the major drug companies today are convicted criminals, with settlements in legal cases well into the billions of dollars. But no one goes to prison and the drug sales continue.”  (3)

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