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And she found Dr. Dzugan, who became her most trusted advisor and led her back to a life she now loves – again. 

Jill D. Davey was fighting for her life. Not in the sense of facing imminent death, but in the sense that her quality of life had taken a major downturn. She had always been healthy – eaten well, never smoked, drank little and exercised regularly.  But over a couple of years everything had changed.
She used to get up at 6 am for a run on the beach. Now it took her an hour and a half to feel functional in the mornings. She couldn’t think straight, had no energy for life and her body was showing multiple signs of what Dr. Dzugan calls “acquired errors of physiology.”
Jill had hit menopause. Or, to more closely reflect the way she describes it, menopause had hit her. Hard.
She went from doctor to doctor looking for a cure for the things that were happening to her. And she got the same story over and over again: “You’re getting older. This is menopause. It’s normal. It will pass.” She was offered all of the pharmaceuticals that are normally handed out for menopause. Horse urine-derived “hormone therapy”, anti-depressants and antibiotics, etc. But she didn’t like the idea of who she would be when she finally came out the other side.
All she got was, in her words, a mixture of anger and ignorance. Her anger – at their ignorance. But Jill was unwilling to accept that the good life she’d always had was over. So she used that anger and decided to fight for a life worth living.
She took it upon herself to find out exactly what was happening to her and what she could do about it. She studied for months and she traveled to wherever cutting-edge doctors were speaking about the results that could be had through what is generically referred to as Anti-Aging Medicine.  And she found Dr. Dzugan, who became her most trusted advisor and led her back to a life she now loves – again.
This book is a very personal, very profound look at the trials and tribulations Jill faced. But more that that, in it she shares the results of her untold hours of research into the deep science that is the foundation of a new form of medicine. She lays out a clear, easily understood path to wellness that any woman can follow. (with the help of the right kind of doctor, of course)
The things Jill faced are things that every woman on the planet will face at that time of life. And Jill is the kind of person who decided she couldn’t just take care of herself and some close friends. She chose instead to share her years of research with the world and take on the burden of making a difference in the lives of millions of women across the globe.
Thank you, Jill!
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While on her website, please take the time to look around and see all of the information she has put together for her readers.  It’s a goldmine.

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