Bioidentical Hormones vs. Pharmaceutical “Creations”

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Bioidentical Hormones are exact duplicates of what your body already makes.

Hormone Therapy – or what is called “Hormone Therapy” – has been around for the last 40 years or more. The problem is that what was called “Hormone Replacement Therapy” replaced human hormones with animal hormones and lab-created patentable chemicals that aren’t quite anything except lab-created patentable chemicals!

The Problem in the Industry:

Real human hormones can’t be patented, so there isn’t a huge profit in selling them like there is on something you have an ‘exclusive’ on. Synthetic knock-offs are also cheaper to manufacture, are up to 100 times as powerful and have a longer shelf life.

The estrogenic product Premarin  (which is now being promoted as a vaginal cream) has its name derived from its primary source – pregnant mare urine! They take the hormones from horse urine and package them for over a $Billion in sales to women all over the world. Some of those horse hormones are pretty close to human hormones, but none of them are human and some of them are 20 times as powerful. They were created by – and for – a 1200 lb. animal after all.

As a woman reading this, would you ever want horse hormones anywhere near your body? I’m betting you wouldn’t! As a man, I know don’t want my sweetheart going down that road. I guess most women have never heard what it really is. However, if you read the label it clearly says “conjugated equine estrogen” – horse hormones. I hear that it break open one of the pill forms of Premarin and smell it, you’ll know what it is instantly. Yuck!

That’s on the estrogen side of things for women. On the progesterone side, pharmaceutical companies have created a dozen versions of things they call “progestins.” These compounds aren’t progesterone, but they were ‘close enough’ to get FDA approval. That “close enough but not quite” aspect of their chemistry is also what has their advertising have to mention things like blood clots, heart attacks, breast cancer, etc.

I want you to take a few minutes and sit in on a conversation between Suzanne Somers, Dr. Prudence Hall and Dr. Abe Morgentaler on what a difference bioidenticals can make for you.

What Makes DzLogic Different?

We use Bioidentical hormones.

Bioidentical hormones are just that – bioidentical. They are identical to the hormones your body already makes. These are manufactured products as well. (They aren’t harvested from people who have too much of a good thing!) They are manufactured from plant sources that have compounds in them that allow FDA-regulated laboratories to convert them into exact duplicates of human hormones.

One of the things that really irritate me about this entire area of conversation is the incredibly sloppy, inaccurate use of language in many of the articles and even scientific papers you’ll see. Writers will say “estrogen” when talking about horse “stuff.” They’ll use the term “progesterone” when referring to the Frankensteinian “progestins.” I honestly think some of this is intentional. No wonder there is so much confusion in people’s minds! You practically have to be a biochemist to know what compounds are being studied and talked about – and where to tally the results.

DzLogic uses Bioidentical Hormones exclusively. They are what your body produces naturally and are completely safe if used properly. I’ll give you plenty of evidence in our next blog. See you there!

Because every person’s body chemistry is different, we work closely with you to develop a personalized program that improves your overall Quality of Life.

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