Menopause Woman – The Menopause Cure

I’m Jill D. Davey, author of ‘The Menopause Cure: Hormonal Health’ which is available to buy from Amazon from October 6, 2015.

There are a number of reasons I wanted to write my book, one was to share my story of the menopause, and the other was to share the information I found whilst researching and studying restorative medicine. Women are suffering needlessly all the time when there is a viable, safe, and effective solution out there – The Menopause Cure. The overall goal of my book is to offer women that alternative, and to explain that there is no need to suffer in silence or be fobbed off by doctors saying, “It’s just the menopause.” I desperately wanted to share my knowledge and show women there was another way, a better way. When I started going through the menopause, it brought changes I didn’t understand. Every day of the week there was a different problem: mood swings, lack of energy, can’t-cope syndrome, grumpy, a generally unhappy person. A personality change had occurred, and I really didn’t like myself anymore. I was tearing my hair out. Help!

However, I was determined that the menopause wouldn’t defeat me, wouldn’t stifle my career or break up my family. I decided that I had to make this inevitable destiny an enjoyable one. I set out to find the Menopause Cure.

I went to many doctors and gynaecologists to find a solution, but to no avail. All I got was a mixture of anger and ignorance. My anger and their ignorance. I was not getting the answers I wanted! This is when I decided to begin my in depth research into restorative medicine – finally I discovered something that would change my life forever. Something other than the ‘high risk’ chemical HRT that was continually being offered to me. What I discovered was a natural, no risk solution – Bioidentical Hormone Restorative Therapy (BHRT), and its leading proponent – Dr. Dzugan.

Now my life, my hormones, and my energy are back to where they should be, and yours can be too. Women no longer need to put up with being told “It’s only the menopause, it’ll pass!” We can do something about it, so let’s do it! We can restore our hormones and get back the you that you once were! This was the best decision I ever made in my life.

Women should know all the facts about menopause and what it actually is. Our hormones are declining and we are aging, and there is something we can do about it! Turn back the clock, open all those doors that have been violently closed! Shout out to the World “I am coming out, and have nothing to be ashamed of! “I am a menopausal women and I am proud of it!” I am a menopausal woman, who restored her body and got her ‘mojo’ back! Yes, you heard right, ‘there ain’t no stopping me now’. You shouldn’t stop either.

Jill D Davey’s book The Menopause Cure: Hormonal Health is out on October 6th and available to buy on for £8.99. For further information visit