‘First, Do No Harm:’ Why DzLogic uses Bioidentical Hormones Exclusively

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Real Human Hormones (or bioidenticals) actually prevent most conditions caused by aging.

The Father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, is often quoted as laying down the ‘Prime Directive’ of medical care – “First, Do No Harm.” That is a way of thinking we take very seriously at DzLogic.

There has been, and will continue to be, ‘public and media’ controversy about the safety of hormones. However, this is simply the result of people not having the facts presented properly. As I mentioned in the last blog, the root of the controversy continues to be the inaccurate use of terms by writers who don’t know the difference between real human hormones and “conjugated equine estrogens” (concentrated pregnant horse urine). They continue to call that ‘stuff’ estrogen!

These same writers also use the term ‘progesterone’ for synthetic lab creations that should be referred to as progestins, progestogens, progesterone-like substances – basically any term except progesterone. This travesty of language abuse goes all the way to National Institutes of Health papers.

The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Study began in 1991 and included over 160,000 women. It studied the outcome of using Premarin in place of real human estrogens and synthetic progestins in place of human progesterone. It was stopped prematurely when a number of horrible effects of these substances came to light:

26% increase in invasive breast cancer
29% increase in heart attacks
41% increase in strokes

The WHI results scared a lot of women away from conventional, pharmaceutical HRT (Prempro and progestins) – which is a good thing! Without this data, your mother, your wife and/or your daughter could have died from the unknown side effects of these drugs. If they already suffered from one of the above after being on conventional HRT, you have our deepest sympathies and we share your rage.

If real human hormones caused these things, breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes would be rampant among 20-something women when their hormone levels are highest, right? Look around & think about it. Is that happening? NO! Real human hormones (or bioidenticals) actually protect against these issues. These conditions happen later in life when hormone levels drop.

Dr. Kent Holtorf wrote an excellent paper on the differences between Bioidentical hormones vs. Big Pharma synthesized products. It discusses the destructive effects of synthetics and the protective effects of bioidenticals. If you are a woman, or a man who loves a woman, please read it! We have it and another of Dr. Holtorf’s more extensive papers “Hormones in Wellness” available to you on our website as reference works.

On the male side, we have the same problem – misinformation posing as medical gospel. Testosterone contributes to prostate cancer, right? That’s why there are millions of men on what Dr. Dzugan calls “chemical castration” – androgen deprivation therapy – with (surprise, surprise) Big Pharma created products that destroy your natural testosterone production. Testosterone causes heart attacks, too – right?

I’m going right back to my original argument on this one. If testosterone causes or contributes to prostate cancer and heart attacks, then every testosterone-crazed 18-year-old male is in serious danger, right? WRONG. Once again, these conditions show up late in life after hormone levels drop. The original research that created this line of thinking was based on two men and a discredited test, yet it somehow became the dominant thought.

Dr. Abe Morgentaler, Professor at Harvard University, has made a couple of great videos on the subject of testosterone therapy for men. I think you’ll love hearing about what he and his fellow researchers at Harvard have discovered.

DzLogic uses Bioidentical Hormones exclusively. They are what your body produces naturally and are completely safe if used properly.

Because every person’s body chemistry is different, we work closely with you to develop a personalized program that improves your overall Quality of Life.

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