Transformation Tuesday: Polly’s Story

Thank you for the excellent quality of life I am enjoying!


Polly A. started the Dzugan PhysioLogic Program two years ago and feels like a new woman today! Read her story:

“Since starting on the Dzugan program two years ago, I have noticed an increase in my stamina. Even my trainer at the gym and my chiropractor have commented on my increased strength and muscle tone. I began the program as a preventative measure. I’m 67 years old and a lot of my friends and family members are in poor health and on a lot of prescription medicines. I didn’t want that for myself since I know there are a lot of side effects with those medicines. I try to live a healthy lifestyle and eat well. This program fits into my lifestyle perfectly. Thank you for helping me be the best I can be and for the excellent quality of life I am enjoying!

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