The Statin + Diabetes Connection

Statin use is linked to a 46% increase in your risk of Type 2 diabetes. A new paper in Evidence Based Medicine asks the questions “Are statins of any real value for diabetes patients? At what point does diabetes risk become the equivalent of coronary heart disease?” We think they’re asking the wrong questions altogether. The paper I […]

Who Can You Trust When It Comes To Your Health? Yourself

A story in US News & World Report caught my eye last month because of the precedent-setting implications it has for healthcare in the US. An Irish pharmaceutical company sued the FDA for “First Amendment” rights to promote “off-label” uses of a drug. They won. To quote one of their lawyers, James Beck, “This is […]

The Trouble With Statins

A good example of the failure of drugs to effectively and safely treat a serious medical condition is statins. Statins are a class of drugs used to treat hypercholesterolemia—high cholesterol. As of 2008, statins were the best‐selling prescription drugs in the world, with $20 billion sold per year in the United States alone. Although many […]

What is the Primary Cause of Disease?

What is restorative medicine? It is the restoration of optimal physiology. It is a whole‐body concept because it affects every organ system, from our head to our toes. Restorative Medicine logically forces a new principle: that many diseases are the result of an imbalance of body chemistry, and once we restore balance and physiology we […]

Your Body and Cholesterol – Why You Need it to Survive

Recall that cholesterol is a most vital element in the body. It is the great progenitor, builder of cells and creator of hormones. Obviously, building cells and creating hormones can be considered a pretty good thing for the body, what with that being a necessary component of being defined as alive versus dead. Through long […]

Side Effects of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Dzugan’s book “The Magic of Cholesterol Numbers” and goes into detail about how cholesterol-lowering drugs (or CLDs) can change your quality of life:  Where do cholesterol-lowering drugs (CLD) come into the picture? After all, these drugs are the things that all the fear against cholesterol is leveraged for. […]

Clean Up Your Gut, Manage Your Migraine

The phrase “you are what you eat” is only partially accurate. In reality, you are what your gut absorbs. The difference in emphasis is especially important in today’s world because so much of the food in supermarkets and restaurants is contaminated and/or deficient in important nutrients. On one hand, you are exposed to substances you don’t […]