flu vaccine alternatives

Flu Vaccine Alternatives

Flu shots are a $3 Billion a year business that is so profitable that the makers can even make it profitable for discount drug stores to push them. But is that shot of 99% water of any real value to you?  I’d like you to consider a few things and then decide for yourself. First […]

Halloween is Almost Here: Choose Your Candy Wisely

A new study of almost 21,000 people has shown that higher chocolate intake may very well lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke if you are a healthy adult. This wasn’t one of your quick, 6-month studies that have to be projected out in time to guess the benefits. The University of Cambridge UK […]

Why a Morning Ritual Could Save Your Life

Managing your health isn’t just about making sure you’re taking the right vitamins and supplements and getting proper healthcare, it’s also about creating routines that allow you to stay healthy all year long. As we enter cold and flu season, we wanted to share a few morning rituals that will keep you mentally strong so […]

The Menopause Cure – Hormone Health

Jill D. Davey was fighting for her life. Not in the sense of facing imminent death, but in the sense that her quality of life had taken a major downturn. She had always been healthy – eaten well, never smoked, drank little and exercised regularly.  But over a couple of years everything had changed. She […]

3 Reasons Why Statins Do More Harm Than Good

If you’ve ever had high cholesterol, you’ve probably heard the term we’re going to talk about today. Statins are a class of drugs used to treat hypercholesterolemia—high cholesterol. Over $20 billion dollars worth of statins are sold each year in the US alone. Seems like an effective drug, right? Wrong. Research shows that though deaths […]

Menopause Woman – The Menopause Cure

I’m Jill D. Davey, author of ‘The Menopause Cure: Hormonal Health’ which is available to buy from Amazon from October 6, 2015. There are a number of reasons I wanted to write my book, one was to share my story of the menopause, and the other was to share the information I found whilst researching […]

Cognitive Decline linked to Dietary Deficiencies

The September issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network’s Neurology publication contains a very interesting study on the relationship between vitamin D levels and brain health in older adults. A team of researchers from Rutgers and the University of California assessed baseline vitamin D levels as related to changes in cognitive […]