The Statin + Diabetes Connection

Cholesterol is a most vital element in the body. 

Statin use is linked to a 46% increase in your risk of Type 2 diabetes.
A new paper in Evidence Based Medicine asks the questions “Are statins of any real value for diabetes patients? At what point does diabetes risk become the equivalent of coronary heart disease?”
We think they’re asking the wrong questions altogether.
The paper I mentioned above contains a lot of what I consider circular reasoning regarding what they call the Statin/Diabetes Conundrum. Common practice as quoted in the paper is that “Statin drugs have become the mainstay of many cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines and are recommended for most adult patients with diabetes.” Then later, it says “Reports that conclude that the benefits of statins outweigh the risks have probably underestimated the long-term risks of statin exposure…”
Diabetes is a known risk factor for developing Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). And now, CHD has become a known risk factor for diabetes if treated using statins in the common practice “standard of care.” So instead of being healed of either of these body breakdowns, you’re now more likely to end your life with both!
Here’s where it becomes even more circular. Statins cut back on your body’s production of cholesterol.  Cholesterol is what your primary hormones are made from. Your primary hormones control your muscle health (heart) and metabolism (diabetes). When hormone levels drop, your body tries to compensate by creating more cholesterol as raw material to make hormones from. Increased cholesterol is “associated with” coronary heart disease. Big Pharma made cholesterol out to be the source of the problem and sells $30 billion worth of statins every year.  But instead of you getting healthier, you get sicker because the hormones that control your health are even harder for your body to make.
One of our Team Providers said it very succinctly almost 8 years ago: “Statins treat the wrong thing, the wrong way, and generate the wrong results.” Hormone restoration to optimal levels is actually the only proven way to optimize both cholesterol levels and your overall health.
Cholesterol was never the problem. The theory behind that whole paradigm was created by someone force-feeding meat to vegetarian animals. Surprise, surprise – it wasn’t good for the animals.  Here’s a great video overview from Dr. Mercola:
How did 1 in 4 Americans over the age of 45 end up on statins, then?  In my personal opinion, it is because ‘investigators’ in Big Pharma funded studies were willing to ignore everything except the data that allowed them to declare the result their funding sources were looking for – and your doctor never sees the other data. They just hear the declarations used in sales pitches disguised as ‘research presentations’ at medical conferences. The researchers only looked for data to prove their point, while ignoring the overall health of the people they were studying.
Let me show you a perfect example – the PROSPER study – published in the prestigious British medical journal, The Lancet. In it, the authors declare “Pravastatin given for 3 years reduced the risk of coronary disease in elderly individuals. PROSPER therefore extends to elderly individuals the treatment strategy currently used in middle aged people.”
What they don’t mention in the conclusions (and your doctor would never hear unless he/she dug deeply into the study data itself), is that while the risk of heart attack dropped by 25%, the risk of cancer went UP by 25%!
This brings me back to one of my favorite parts of Dr. Dzugan’s lectures:
“Taking potent cholesterol-lowering medications has never been shown in clinical research to actually improve mortality.  In fact, in the biggest trials, significantly more people who took the drugs died than those who did not. They didn’t die of a heart attack, but dead is dead – whatever the cause.”
If you or a loved one are putting these dangerous drugs into your body every day, isn’t it time to consider a new way to protect your heart and regain your health and vitality? Statins obviously aren’t the solution, so why not give DzLogic a look? Cholesterol is essential for life itself. We can show you how to manage it naturally, with many “side benefits.”

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